City in Mind - A Lyrical Map of the Concept of Los Angeles
City in Mind: a Lyrical Map of the Concept of Los Angeles
a literary map of Los Angeles, drawn to scale by J Michael Walker, 2011
Color pencil on polypropylene paper,, 50″ high x 256″ wide

In Fall 2011, the Hammer Museum invited Libros Schmibros to be artist-in-residence under the curation of Public Engagement.  As part of the environment we created in the museum’s ground floor gallery,  we asked artist J. Michael Walker to trace the literature of Los Angeles cartographically.  His work with Libros Schmibros was subsequently purchased by UCLA Special Collections for permanent display in Powell Library.

The map is now part of UCLA’s Digital Archive and can be viewed either in its entirety or in part here.  Get the artist’s perspective here.