Eavan Boland – The Libros Schmibros Interview Series

In this episode, Colleen Jaurretche (co-founder of Libros Schmibros) speaks with Eavan Boland, one of the great poets of Ireland who passed away on April 27th. Boland reads her poem, “That the Science of Cartography is Limited”. Format: Audio introduction followed by video recorded at Stanford University in Fall 2010.

Episode 3 of the Libros Schmibros Podcast.

Introducing the Libros Schmibros Podcast

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Beep-beep! Libros Schmibros beaming to you from Boyle Heights to your connected device, wherever you go.

The Libros Schmibros Podcast

You asked for it — and not always politely. “Why doesn’t Libros Schmibros do a podcast?” “Have you thought of doing a podcast?” “You should really do a podcast.”

We know! We just didn’t want to rush it. We wanted to wait until everybody else had a podcast first — and now we’ve succeeded!

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Neruda and Chill!

Announcing Curbside Book Giveaways at Libros Schmibros!

In these times of enforced agoraphobia, books are even better company than usual. Rather than shutter Libros Schmibros for the duration, we will now be offering a bag of three free books apiece for friends like you to pick up and keep — or give to friends.

We’ll keep a steady supply of these bags of books — marked either “English” or “Spanish & English” — right outside our storefront in the old Boyle Hotel, safe from the elements. Our hours will remain from 12-6 Wednesday through Sunday, unless Angeleños wind up asked to stay at home completely.

If you’re hoping for a particular book, search our catalog here: https://www.librarything.com/catalog/librosschmibros, write to us on instagram or FB, and ask us for the title you want. No guarantees, but we promise do our best.

Whether by prearrangement or not,  your books are waiting for you. Either walk over or just pull your car into the red zone, put on your blinkers for a minute and grab your treasure. Wave at us through the window, while you’re at it. We’ll be inside, catching up on our cataloguing and restocking, and we look forward to welcoming you back inside as soon as possible…

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