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February 19, 2016 Kipen: Harper Lee ‘let her book speak for her’


Ginas People - Libros Schmibros (Gina Silva - FoxLA)

May 19, 2015  Gina’s People: Libros Schmibros


Creative Spacemaking and the Creative Economy - KCET and Otis Report

March 24, 2015  How Creative Placemaking Plays a Role in the Creative Economy

“The concept of “creative placemaking”, the integration of a community’s artistic and cultural assets in community planning and revitalization, is gaining momentum in places like Boyle Heights.”     — from KCET.org

Read the article, watch the video, view on KCET.


July 29, 2014  Libros Schmibros – Bicycle Libraries: The Class of 2050
by Andrew Vasquez


July 24, 2013 (published August 3, 2013)  David Kipen speaks at CultureandMusic
by Dana Ross


December 12, 2012  Holiday Book Guide with Libros Schmibros’ David Kipen
KCET SoCal Connected


October 23, 2012  David Kipen and Libros Schmibros – A Lending Library in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles
by Steve Saldivar


September 20, 2012  David Kipen on how Libros Schmibros was started
by Save Our Pomona Public Library


September 9, 2012  Libros Schmibros Artist In Residency at the Hammer Museum
by Ann Hadlock


April 2012 (published May 8, 2012)  Mariah K. Young reads from “Masha’allah”
by Heyday


April 2012 (published May 7, 2012)  Steph Willen reads from “Paranormal Activity”
by Heyday


April 2012 (published May 7, 2012)  Janice Shapiro reads from “Bummer and Other Stories”
by Heyday


April 2012 (published May 7, 2012)  Rebecca K. O’Connor reads “Home for Thanksgiving”
by Heyday


April 2012 (published May 7, 2012)  Eric Puchner reads from “Schemes of My Father”
by Heyday


December 12, 2011  Libros Schmibros
by elisepg89


August 11, 2011  David Kipen & Libros Schmibros (David Kipen: A Passion for Books)
by Gemma Cubero


January 18, 2011  Esotouric’s Boyle Heights tour preview – Part One, David Kipen
by Esotouric


September 10, 2010  Cutie Visits Libros Schmibros
by theogsofboyleheights