Join us for Children’s Reading Hour / Cuentos en el Kiosko, 2 PM the last Sunday of the month, at the kiosk in front of Libros Schmibros on Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights.  Children 5-10 and parents are welcome.  Free.

Nos acompañe para Cuentos en el kiosko , 14:00 el último domingo del mes , en el quiosco frente Libros Schmibros en Plaza del Mariachi en Boyle Heights . Los niños de 5-10 y los padres son bienvenidos . Gratis.

How & Why Cuentos en el Kiosko / Children’s Reading Hour came to be:

…I wanted to pass along a really shocking discovery we just made about our working-class Boyle Heights neighborhood this month: Not one of our local public libraries offers any sort of storytime for kids.

We couldn’t believe it. Some UCLA students had approached us about creating a story hour, and at first we demurred. We didn’t want to duplicate anybody else’s efforts, and just assumed that even a cash-strapped public library must offer an incontestably effective program like this one, at least monthly.

So we looked around — no storytimes. This, in a neighborhood with 300 kids for every book! So we drafted some underemployed librarians, put the word out to a local teacher or two, and crossed our fingers.

Cuentos en el Kiosko / Children"s Reading Hour - June 26, 2016
Cuentos en el Kiosko / Children”s Reading Hour – photos from May & June 2016 events

Well, we were mobbed. We polled the kids and parents afterward (metrics, always metrics!) and these families want more stories — every week if we can swing it. Which, alas, we can’t, not without a little help.

It’s our hope to refine these story hours and then augment them, probably with lessons for parents whose bedtime storytelling skills could use some topping up. There’s also very preliminary talk of podcasting, since we’re assured that the recent podcast boom hasn’t yet got around to bilingual storytelling for kids — or adults, for that matter.