The Reading Group on Mexican Philosophy and Culture discusses the ideas and influence of Mexican intellectuals, past and present, both in Mexico and the United States. Meetings will be held bimonthly on Wednesday nights on Zoom, with regular events and programming in person as well. Readings will be provided in English (and in Spanish when available).

Contact us if you’re interested in participating.


Robert Eli Sanchez, Jr. is a native Angeleno who grew up next to Dodger Stadium. He is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Occidental College, and specializes in Mexican and Latin American philosophy. Recently he has published 20th Century Mexican Philosophy: Essential Readings with Oxford University Press (2017), and Latin American and Latinx Philosophy: A Collaborative Introduction with Routledge (2020). See his personal webpage for more information about his research:

Alberto Sahagun grew up in City Terrance and went to Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights. He has worked with Libros Schmibros since 2013 and is a Lecturer in History at Cal Poly Pomona.